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Posted by on May 6, 2013 in Marketing | 0 comments

Why Small Businesses Needs to do Inbound Marketing

Why Small Businesses Needs to do Inbound Marketing

Do you know what annoys me most when I was going to the mall with my family? Sales people.

As I am looking for toys for my kids, I am paying my attention to my kids’ opinion. They pick the toys but I have to give my approval for that. This is one of my quality times with my kids and I don’t like anyone to interrupt that.

Unfortunately, sales people often hang around near the toy store in the mall I go, so I got distracted with a credit card sales exec handling a brochure right in the front of my eyesight, distracting me from what I am doing – and pitching my kids with… dolls. The dolls are theirs IF I sign up for the credit card.

What? You want to use my kids to get me pen my signature? No way, hose! You make me uncomfortable at best.

Sorry guys, not that I am anti-salesperson, but the way you approach your prospects is probably the number one reason why you are getting limited number of leads.

Quite often, it’s not your fault, either; it’s your company’s fault.

You see, such approach (including cold calling) is becoming obsolete. People are getting smarter, and hard selling like that just won’t work anymore.

Today, when you are selling, you are NOT hard selling. You should not even pitch your product.

Firstly, you need to get people attention to learn more about you, love what you are doing or offering, THEN you can pitch your offer.

Today, it’s the year of inbound marketing.

What is inbound marketing?

Simply put, it defines marketing strategy which heavily uses content to grab prospects’ attention. Which content? ANYTHING. Blogs, videos, social media updates, etc.

Inbound marketing EARNS prospects’ attention; inbound marketing makes prospects FALL IN LOVE with you – via content.

So, want me to sign up with your credit cards?

It’s simple.

I am an entrepreneur – so offer me with interesting studies and findings on how entrepreneurs use credit cards to fund their business; on how credit card funding makes sense. Also include success stories. Also add nice design with your content; don’t forget kitten pictures.

And, oh – don’t forget call to actions carefully inserted in between paragraphs and/or at the end of the content. Don’t sell just yet!

Grab my name, email address, phone number… promise me that you will send more interesting free content on how to use credit cards to make my business life easier.

THEN you can pitch me. THAT’s what will win me. Even when I DO sign up with your credit cards, never leave me alone – ask for feedback; send MORE interesting content; offer perks to me; THEN pitch me more upgrades on my credit cards based on my usage pattern… and so on.

That’s – my friend – what’s called inbound marketing.


Inbound marketing seems like taking too much resources, but it actually isn’t. In fact, inbound marketing costs your company less than conventional marketing methods. Why? How? It’s simple.

Inbound marketing’s conversion rate is higher than conventional marketing’s. The effort is well worth it.

So, to conclude this blog post before I bore you: If you want your small business to sell more products, then offer people reasons to come back. Use content, as it’s your “weapon” to “capture” leads.

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