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Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 in Featured, Tips, Trends | 0 comments

The Synergy of Marketing and Branding

The Synergy of Marketing and Branding

There is a great focus on growing a strong relationship between companies and their customers. In 2014, marketing content and marketing approaches will be a bit more personalized to the targeted audience. Relevance is becoming the key element. This transfers onto every media and the term “quality advertising” changes significantly. All this is due to increased resilience of the auditorium when it comes to mediocre tricks designed for the “masses”.

The audience has learned to filter things out if they don’t like it and the time that takes them to decide whether or not they are interested has gone down to seconds. This directly implies that there is a need for high quality marketing material that is relevant to the customer.

Market research

Creating quality content is rooted in understanding of the market you are in and above all else, the expectations and the needs of your current and potential customers. Of course, it only seems that they are reinventing the whole market. Most of these moves are based on the information they get from market research.

Statistically speaking, in the last five years, the expectations of the consumers have risen up 20% but the brands have covered around 5% of the improvements the consumers have expected. This shows lack of attention to customer wishes and this has provoked a decline in trust.

Market research actually gives you information about the necessary issues that need to be resolved and great tips on which to build up new ideas. It basically gives you a straightforward problem that you need to resolve the best way possible. This philosophy can be applied to situations when you are looking for an idea for a new product or when you want to raise the general quality of work your company preforms.


Creating a strong brand is no easy task but it is necessary if you want to achieve a stronger connection with your customers. As soon as your logo comes up, customers need to be immediately associated with the attributes you and your company members have chosen as primary. Consistency is the best ingredient for this kind of potion. Branding is mostly solidified through a natural flow of information between customers and potential customer; in other words, the word of mouth. That’s why it is important that you always meet or exceed the expectations people may have regarding your product or service. This way, your customers will start to trust you and recommend you to the people they care about.

apple brand

photo credit: plasticpeople

You need to adapt your marketing moves to suit your style and brand so you can further accent the qualities you are putting focus on, when it comes to creating your new product or service. Here is a basic example: If you are selling a car that is very fast and you are focused on that attribute during its design and manufacturing process, you want to market it as a fast car, not as beautiful or reliable one. Basically you need to focus on the strong points of your brand and base the campaign on them.

Smart Marketing

As I previously said, it is all about content. The fact is that we need to focus on getting the attention of the audience and avoid boring them out of their skulls with no actual value to the thing we are offering. Advertisements need to be fun, engaging and the content needs to be relevant and genuinely useful . On the other hand,promotional products need to be something people would use. Also we need to compensate for the lack of patience and the shortness of the attention spam the audience has developed over the years. I’m not saying they are stupid and can’t focus – they just developed a self-defense mechanism against tones of badly executed marketing material.

You have to give the people what they want. The audience doesn’t just wait for your next move, they dictate your next move. Thanks to social media and the web, you can now gain better insights into your customers expectations. This makes things a lot easier and allows you to adapt with more finesse. That way, you can focus on the important things.

About the Author: This article is written by Ivan Dimitrijevic

Cover photo credit: Mike

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