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Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in Featured, Ideas, Tips | 3 comments

Start Your Own Spa Salon – List of Equipment Required

Start Your Own Spa Salon – List of Equipment Required

Spa salons are a rapidly growing business.  Why?  Because everyone loves to be pampered and deserves to be treated like they are a king or a queen.  When first starting a spa salon, it might feel overwhelming to know what equipment you need.  Here is a checklist of items that every spa salon should have when first opening their doors.

Administrative Equipment

No matter what services you are offering at your new spa salon, you will need some administrative equipment to keep the business running.

A cash register will be needed, as well as a phone.  An appointment book will be necessary, as well as a computer to do book keeping on. A desk or counter will be needed to keep all this equipment on and most likely a chair as well.  You will also need to have chairs or a comfy couch for your guest while they wait for their appointments. Basic office supplies such as a calculator, pens and pencils, tape, and a stapler may also be needed.  A tip jar may also be needed in this area if you will accept tips.

A washer and dryer will be needed to wash and dry any towel and gowns that are worn.

salon and spa

photo credit: Brian Miller

The Hair

If your spa salon will be offering hair treatments, such as hair coloring and cutting, you will need a sink to wash clients’ hair, shampoos and conditioners, a large variety of combs, pics, and brushes, scissors, razors, clippers, towels, gowns to protect clients clothes, a hair dryer, a hair straightener, mirrors on the wall, hand held mirrors, aprons for the hair stylist to wear and gloves.  You will also need to have a disinfectant spray to clean all your tools with and have a variety of clips on hand to clip back your clients hair.  Various colors of hair dye will also be needed.   Mixing bowls will be needed for hair colors.  Consider having books of different hair styles, colors, and cuts for your guest to look through. 

If you will be offering perming services, you will need perm solution, perm neutralizer and various types of perm rods. You will also want to have bleaching powder, Meche/tin foil, curling irons,  and hot rollers.  Most importantly, you will need a chair that can swivel around and be adjusted to various heights for your clients. It is also highly recommended to have a trolley cart that can be moved right next to the hairdresser for convenience.

Hairsprays, mousse,  gels  and Bobby pins will also be needed.  If you will be selling the brands of shampoos, conditioners, etc. you will need a shelf to display them on.

The Nails

If your spa salon will offer nail services, you will need a wide variety of nail polishes.  Also needed will be gallon size jugs of nail polish remover, acetone manicurist solvent, nail clippers, orange sticks, nail files, buffers, emery boards in various textures, finger bowls, lotions, hand towels, and an electric nail file.  A hand dryer and foot spa will be needed, as well as cleaning solutions for the tools, and antibacterial hand soap.  If you will be putting on acrylic nails, you will need a wide variety of these to fit your clients needs.


If your spa salon will offer tanning, you will need at least one tanning bed.   Ideally, you will not want customers to have to wait to tan, so more than one bed would be essential.  Also have extra bulbs on hand so if the tanning bed’s bulb burns out, you do not have to wait for another one to be ordered. You will also need to decide if you want standing or lie down tanning beds, which it could be in your best interest to have one of each or more.  Also have tanning lotions and eye protection for each guest, as well as safety signs and notices.

Makeup Services

If your spa salon will be offering makeup services, you will need a wide variety of makeup.  You will have to have many different colors of eye shadows that come in both cream and powder.  You will need cream and powder blush as well, and a variety of mascaras in brown and black.  You will need a wide variety of makeup sponges and brushes as well as a solution to clean them with after every use.  Having a variety of foundations on hand is essential as well.  You can also always mix colors of foundation to create the essential color that you will need.  Have a variety of lip colors on hand, in both glosses and mattes.  Powders will also be needed.  Eyeliners in blacks, browns, grays and other colors should also be offered. Cotton balls, pads and Q tips should be on hand to clean up any mishaps.  Hand towels should also be readily available. A moveable cart is essential for moving around the client while having easy access to the makeup.

You will need aprons for the guests to wear to protect their clothing as well.  Offer hand held mirror to let the clients see your work as you go. 

The items listed above are some of the important  salon items that you will need to run a spa salon.  There are many other great items you may wish to purchase as well.  Basic household items will be needed for any type of spa that is opened up, such as a broom and dust pan, toilet paper, paper towels, bleach, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and other various cleaners to clean and sanitize your spa salon.

About the Author: This article is written by Mary who is a business development executive helping others to kick start their first business.

Cover photo credit: ShortcutsUSA

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  1. Hi,
    I am currently working on a school project and I would love to know if you Can you give me a list of the licenses required to open up a spa business.
    Thank you in advance

    • Check with your state. Here in AZ, a salon needs a license to operate & each “employee” (cosmetologist, nail tech & aesthetician) needs their own license to work. Each are renewed annually.

  2. Thanks alot with this infomation, it really helped me as im about to open my salon and spa. Please let me know if there are any new updates. Love you!

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