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Business and International Defamation: The Case of the Peeved Patrons

Business and International Defamation: The Case of the Peeved Patrons

In September 2010, Tanya Shannon, Patrick O’Connor and their kids were out for a spot of dinner in Dublin. At The Arc Bar and Restaurant, to be precise. After fueling up, they paid “Paddy” – their server. But, as they were leaving, a manager allegedly approached them. And, according to the family, the manager wasn’t pleasant, accusing them of the ole’ dine-n-dash.

Dine-n-Dash Accusations Lead To Defamation Lawsuit

Not only did the manager accuse them of thievery, but he allegedly did it loudly. At one point during the tirade, Mr. O’Connor said he had to empty his pockets to search for the paid bill – in front of the whole restaurant. After 40 minutes of alleged verbal abuse, Paddy returned to the restaurant and produced the family’s receipt.

Diners Lawyer Up

Outraged over the incident, the couple enlisted barrister Cormac Quinn and filed a defamation claim. In it, the couple asserted that they were “loudly and abusively” – not to mention wrongly – accused of not settling their bill.

Lack of Exact Language Leads To Defamation Dismissal Request

After reading the claim, legal counsel for the restaurant asked the court to chuck the suit because the plaintiffs failed to show any reasonable cause for a defamation action. Why? According to Irish defamation law, slander and libel plaintiffs must quote the precise words, spoken by the defendant, which amounted to defamation. (Same goes for U.S. defamation law.)

Diner sipping wine

Judge Sides With Diners in Defamation Case

Ultimately, Judge Jacqueline Linnane sided with the plaintiffs. She said that the filing included a detailed account of what took place, and even ordered that the defendants pay attorney fees to the plaintiff’s counsel. Moreover, Linnane speculated that the defense may have been trying to stall the case – which is a legal no-no. However, she did give the defendant’s team seven days to draft and enter a defense against the couple’s claims. It is expected that the case will go to trial at some point in the future.

Kelly / Warner: International and Domestic Defamation Law

Kelly / Warner attorneys are exceptionally well versed at litigating international defamation lawsuits. Just recently, they were part of a team that won a U.K.-U.S. online libel case.

A unique firm, all of the partners at Kelly Warner Law – Daniel Warner, Aaron Kelly and Raees Mohammed – work on every case. Unlike other defamation practices, you won’t be in the hands of a novice associate. Moreover, our pricing schedule is competitive. Many clients are shocked at how much we do, in comparison to other firms, for the price.

Let’s chat. Your situation could be solved with a simple letter instead of a full-fledged lawsuit. Restoring your good name is essential, and it may be a lot easier than you think.

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