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Posted by on Nov 4, 2016 in Marketing | 0 comments

Promote your Business Smartly

Promote your Business Smartly

In today’s world where everyone is well-informed about the latest marketing strategies, coming up with a unique promotional campaign is not an easy job. To stay ahead of your competitors, the first thing to learn is to build a marketing strategy that is not only cost-effective but competent too. Badgemaster provides tips to achieve that. Let’s go through these smart ways to promote your company:

Good Old Local PR Never Really Gets Old

Too mainstream, you would be thinking, but trust me, no matter how mainstream or old school it is, it still works! Make sure your company’s news is featured in local newspapers and/or magazines every now and then. Have you given a thought to online publications through journalists? Do that because it’s free and really effective.

Is it your business’s first anniversary? Make it news. Are you expanding your company? Spread the word! Call the press for anything that is worth sharing. The more your company is in the news, the more people will know about you.

The best way to spread the word is a press release. Hire a PR expert who can write effective press releases for your company. Make sure the press release has everything the press needs to know about the story. In case something’s missing, they should be able to contact you, so make sure your PR officer is reachable.

PR needs time to develop so be patient and work hard. It’ll eventually become easy.

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Go Online!

“No website? Must be a lousy business!” This is how people’s minds work now-a-days. The modern age is the online age. People are cynical about businesses that don’t own a website. If you want to be a business that people can trust, get yourself a website. Now, this may sound easy, but there are things you should take care of while building up a website. Your website should appear in top Google results. You would have to get an SEO expert for that.

After your website is live, you need people to know it exists. Google Adwords can help! It works on the Pay Per Click principle. You would only have to pay for the ad if someone clicks on it and visits your website. Otherwise, Nada!

Social media advertising should be done on regular basis. Design an attractive advertisement and you’re good to go! Facebook allows your ad to reach a particular audience of your choice narrowing down the chances of unnecessary clicks.

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