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Posted by on Nov 29, 2016 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

Why Ecommerce SMBs Should Consider Pop-Up Stores

Why Ecommerce SMBs Should Consider Pop-Up Stores

There are more than a few reasons as to why ecommerce SMBs work and often prosper. For one, people just love shopping online, especially as the technology advances and as their fears for their security and privacy subside. It also takes far less money to run an ecommerce store than a brick and mortar one, not having to rent office space and spend money on the innumerable day-to-day matters.

At first, putting up a temporary physical store may seem counterintuitive as it feels as if it negates the whole purpose of running an ecommerce business. However, if done right, a pop-up store can do incredible things for any ecommerce company.

What is a Pop-Up Store?

Before we go any further, we should probably say a thing or two about what a pop-up store is, for those who are unfamiliar with the concept. A pop-up store is a temporary physical location where a company that usually does all of its business online can sell their products in-person.

For example, an ecommerce store can rent a space for a month or two at a location they could not afford long-term. Some ecommerce vendors even set up shops within stores belonging to other companies, usually in the related industries when they are not direct competition. Sometimes these pop-up stores can appear in spaces and places that are usually not thought of as commercial spaces.

The Novelty Factor

One of the main reasons why ecommerce SMBs should consider setting up a pop-up store is that putting up a temporary store that sells stuff usually only available online has a lot of that novelty factor – here today, gone tomorrow and all that. It allows the customers who usually interact with your brand only online to find out more about who is behind the brand. It is as if something shiny and alluring appeared in your backyard. You would probably check it out, right?

Expanding Your Customer Base

As well as your ecommerce SMB may be doing, it is still limited by the fact it is only accessible online. Some people simply do not like shopping online while others may simple not have had the chance to learn about your website. A physical pop-up location puts your brand in front of these people and this can easily lead to future long-term “relationships”. This is especially true if you listen out to their qualms and explain to them that they will be safe shopping online with you.

Pop up shop

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Showing Off Your Creativity

Another great thing about pop-up stores is that they tend to be really creative and that they often catch the eye of both the public and the media. Back in 2011, the famous clothing superbrand H&M opened up a pop-up store on a beach in Netherlands, making their store look as if it washed up on the beach. It caught the eye of pretty much every media outlet and website that has anything to do with marketing. eBay also got tons of media attention when they opened up a store in London and filled it up with absolutely anything and everything.

By being extra creative, you are not only building up your brand in the eyes of the customers but also in the world of brand promotion and marketing.

Getting Closer to Your Customers

Some ecommerce SMBs do customer engagement well and they get a ton of feedback from their more loyal customers. Still, nothing can compare with really getting face-to-face with one’s customers and talking to them in person. For ecommerce companies, opening up a pop-up store can be a fantastic way to do this.

This way, you can get more nuanced input about your practices and the way you treat your customers. You can talk to them in person and find out how they use your website and whether you can do something better. You can, if you wish, reward your most local customers with prepaid gift cards. People from Corporate Prepaid Gift Cards say that their clients did wonders for customer attraction and retention with these cards. Why wouldn’t you too?

Closing Word

Opening up a pop-up store can be a somewhat stressful experience that will take a relatively big bite out of your budget. Still, if done the right way, it can get you many new customers and provide you with great insight about your existing ones.

In any case, do not dismiss it before you try it.

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