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How an In-House Cafeteria Can Benefit Businesses

How an In-House Cafeteria Can Benefit Businesses

Why Include a Cafeteria in the Workplace?

If your business doesn’t include a food service area, you might question the value of having a cafeteria in the workplace. Why pay for the food, extra employees, and maintenance costs when your employees can simply leave the workplace for lunch? However, opening a cafeteria in your workplace comes with several benefits that can actually increase your business’ profitability and productivity, making it well worth the investment. And your employees will appreciate the closeness and convenience.

Here’s just a few of the reasons to consider incorporating a cafeteria into your business:

Increased Productivity

A cafeteria might not seem like it would have much of an effect on productivity–if anything, some managers might fear that it would cause employees to become less productive–but a workplace cafeteria is actually a great asset toward boosting morale and increasing productivity. A cafeteria gives employees a place to meet and talk during their lunch hours, fostering positive communication and lifting your employees’ moods during the workday. And because the cafeteria is located in their workplace, your employees will have increased positive associations with your business. Happier employees lead to increased productivity, which typically leads to a boost in profits.

A nearby cafeteria also makes it easier for employees to focus on their work, as they can take their lunch break in a close and convenient location. Without a cafeteria, employees often have to drive to a nearby restaurant for lunch, which can involve long wait times and traffic stops. The less time employees spend trying to make it back to work, the more time they have for focusing on their jobs.

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Improved Health and Wellness

If you operate a cafeteria within your business, you have more influence over what your employees choose to eat. Offering healthy, low-fat options can encourage your employees to make healthy eating choices, especially when they would have otherwise visited a fast food restaurant. Fit, healthy employees tend to have better moods and increased productivity, which can boost morale around the company. And your employees will appreciate having healthy eating choices located so closely to their offices. Why drive to the local fast food restaurant for a fattening burger when they can try one of the lighter options in the cafeteria next door?

On-Site Coffee Services

Corporate cafeterias typically come with coffee services, which make it easier to brew hot, flavorful coffee in a shorter amount of time. No more trying to brew a pot in the single machine in the employee lounge. Many employees drink coffee throughout the day, and having on-site coffee services makes it much easier for them to stay energized. It also guarantees that you’ll always have plenty of coffee when hosting clients or holding a conference. No need to look for outside catering services when you can brew coffee right in your own building. And you’re likely to see more energy in the workplace as a result.

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