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How to Improve Staff Retention

How to Improve Staff Retention

For any business, their employees are an important asset. It makes sense to try to hang onto your best workers, and develop them to fill vacancies as your firm grows. This is because recruiting new staff is time-consuming, costly and disruptive.

Using HR software to help you

Making staff retention a key target for your HR department is important. There is a lot that your human resources team can do to help you to keep your existing workforce happy, engaged and productive.

However, they need to be equipped with the right tools to do the job. Top of the list of tools they need is a good quality HR software package that includes a suite of training modules. The software sold by Leeds based HR company Cascade is a great example of the type of package you should be considering investing in. It includes everything your human resources team will need to manage your company’s training needs.

Identify training needs

By working alongside your management team, your HR department can identify what type of training needs to be provided. The best way to start is to look for skill gaps that currently exist. Usually, doing this on a department-by-department basis is the most effective approach.

Addressing skill gaps that already exist in a company is important. However, you must not to forget to look to the future. If you know that key personnel are due to be retiring soon, or are due to go on maternity leave it makes sense to train someone up, in advance, to take over their duties.

Doing so is also a good way of developing your existing personnel. The fact that these people already know your business, and the way you work, means that they will do a much better job than someone you employ on a short-term contract could.

Employee training

Provide the necessary training

Armed with the information provided by your managers your human resources team can get to work. They can look for courses that personnel can complete to address any skill gaps you have now, or are likely to have in the future.

Sometimes it will be more efficient to put together in house training. Other times sending personnel on courses will make more sense.

Regardless of which approach, you decide to take all of the necessary information to make sure that the right people complete the right training at the right time needs to be entered onto your HR system. Once that is done, it is just a case of following the schedule. Taking this approach ensures that your business will always has access to people with the right skills, and experience.

Use HR software to manage workload

One of the biggest reasons people leave a firm is that they find their workload too stressful. You can use the information contained within your HR system to help you to manage workflow.

It can also be used to help you to keep on top of sickness levels. Keeping an eye on how often people go sick will help you to spot areas of your business where people may be working under too much pressure. This allows you to address any issues before it is too late and you start to lose staff.

If you would like more information about improving staff retention, you can find it here.

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