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Posted by on Mar 15, 2017 in Featured, Marketing | 0 comments

8 Ways to Make a Business Card That Gets You Noticed (Infographic)

8 Ways to Make a Business Card That Gets You Noticed (Infographic)

Starting a small business requires you to put lots of things on the back burner, whether that’s something huge like your social life or something small like hitting the snooze button one more time. You give up these things because you believe in your business and want to see it through.

But when the dust clears, you may discover you put some things on hold that you should have been doing all along—like updating your business card.

It may not sound like a big deal, but an out-of-date card can really hurt your small business. According to Company Folders, a printer that specializes in custom business card designs, using your old card for your new business is one of the worst things you can do.

That’s because it gives a bad impression to potential clients and investors—the two groups of people you need the most. Because your card isn’t appealing, they think your business will be just as bland or out of style.

You’ll need more than just an up-to-date business card to change their minds: you’ll need an amazing, creative custom design that’s never been done before. If that sounds impossible, think again.

Company Folders knows all the latest and greatest business card options—and they’re sharing all of that information with you. With these 8 principles to business card design, you can give your card a front-to-back makeover. Learn how to create a fresh design with stunning imagery, imprint methods, and more!

Business card design tips infographic

Cover photo credit: Elisabet Marreros / Behance

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