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Mission statement: Helping small and medium business owners gain access to non-mainstream insights on everything SMB.

What is onSMB?

onSMB – pronounced on-S-M-B – is an online magazine/blog offering small and medium business owners with SMB news, trends, tips, tools and ideas.

Did you know what the problem with many business blogs? That’s right – many of them look so ‘generic’: The articles or blog posts start with an intro, move on to the body and finish ’em of with a conclusion. They can be very useful, but we often can’t find one thing: Insight.

Insight: An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding (source:

Insight is the one we are looking forward to offer you. Even if we don’t have a deep insight on something, we will do our best to lead you to the right direction.

We offer you interesting look at small business owners’ work and life through interviews, videos, blog posts, and any other media.

Our promises

  • No rants on our content. Even if we need to rant, we will offer a solution to the rant.
  • All unique, exclusive content.
  • We always try to do things outside the box.
  • Our content will always be free – forever!

Meet the Team

Ivan WidjayaFounder/Editor

Ivan Widjaya is the Founder and Editor of Ivan is an online business owner, web publisher, online influencer and website builder experienced in a vast array of issues in entrepreneurship – both online and offline: Franchising, family business ownership, making money online, inbound marketing, and so on. View Chad’s posts »

Chad StewartAuthor

Chad has been writing online periodicals and website content for the last seven years. He currently maintains a steady stream of clients who call on him for his copywriting and editing skills. An avid outdoorsman, he spends his spare time keeping fit by bodybuilding, traveling, fishing, and hiking in the Canadian wilderness with his trusty labrador retreiver, Darcy. View Chad’s posts »

Theresa SmithAuthor

Theresa Smith is a veteran freelance writer. She is an expert in business trends, legal matters, and psychology. View Theresa’s posts »

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